race report: staged at the very very back where i would stay for the entirety of the race. i was riding with two other ladies for the first 5 minutes of the race, until one of them blocked me, i stopped, and took my time recovering. i would continue riding by myself until i got lapped by almost two fields worth of riders. it was fun, probably would be way better if any kind of training (or skill) was involved. 


Yesterday was an amazing day. I hope that good momentum continues througout the weekend. I dreamed of being late to my first race, in advance of not being sure if I will race tomorrow. We’ll see. 


Exhausted. Accidentally slept for 3 hours already this evening, now back to sleep. Interviewing is the most exhausting but it’s good work. I’m just at the beginning of this process I think. Not sure where I’ll land but I’m cautiously optimistic about what comes next.

the first road bike i ever had was a late 80s/early 90s aluminum road bike that i got from a local nonprofit that refurbishes donated bikes and sells them to the public. After a winter riding around on a hybrid, I decided that I would be way faster and able to cover farther distances on a bike with skinny tires and drop handlebars. I went to look at bikes at a bunch of stores in the area, scoured craigslist and talked to friends. I was just beginning to meet people who rode bikes everywhere and didn’t take the T, and I didn’t know if I could do it. 

This bike was sitting there at the shop, and a lady who would go on to become a friend years later was testing it out. I thought it was probably too big, but I waited and she left and I tried it out. I knew it would become my favorite bike (for a brief time). it was essentially the gateway bike – after that i would get the fixed gear and then the ‘rello and then who knows what will happen next….

job search.

The best career advice I’ve ever gotten was from a woman that I met 6 years ago. At this time, I was working part-time in the admissions office of the liberal arts college I attended, and her family came in for a tour and lunch on campus. We got to talking, and at that point I was thinking about going in to HR as it made sense with my graduate coursework, and I really had no idea what I might actually be qualified to do. This kind soul gave me her card and suggested I call or email her if I had any questions. In a moment of fearlessness (wow, thinking about this makes me feel like my past-self was kind of brave!) I actually did reach out and we talked at least once. This is the piece of advice that has stuck with me: 

You can never make a mistake with the first job that you take. You have everything to learn and very little (ok, nothing) to lose. You’ll have opportunities to make different and perhaps better choices in the future with what you learn, but that first job is just the beginning. You’ll see what works, and what doesn’t, what you like to do and what you absolutely cannot stand. 

It’s with this advice that I can’t beat myself up over picking the wrong job a couple of years ago, or not hanging on a little longer at the last one. Leaving my first job when I did. There are so many opportunities to self doubt and pick apart confidence, but I’m determined not to do so.