Bikes have changed me, my experience in Boston and my social existence here.

I started biking in Boston about four years ago. I moved to Allston when I first arrived and lived in a big house with 6 other people. Half our house was sold on cycle commuting, so I saw a lot of bike fixing and heard a lot of bike talk. I’ve always been kind of stubborn, and I needed to figure it out on my own so it would take another year before I would begin to see the light.

I moved out of that house in September and across the river into Cambridge. I signed up for a birthright trip shortly afterwards which would involve some cycling (mountain bikes!) but to prepare, I decided that it might be a good idea to make sure that I still could ride a bike.

The cheapest option (and the most work?) involved the Somerville Bike Auction, a police auction of bikes that were recovered or abandoned in the next town over. A friend met me there early in the morning where we scoped out bikes that would work for me. I got in a bidding war with another lady who happens to be short over a grey fuji mixte (one distinct memory is a guy who said something about how it was such a nice mixte – and i just said “yup” because i didn’t know what he was talking about.). It took a couple of weeks and $130 in addition to the $35 I paid for the bike to get it fixed up and rideable. That Wednesday night, the week of Thanksgiving, I rode home in light snow without lights (I think I had a helmet?). That first ride was a little timid and a little wobbly, but I had started reading about biking in the city, the beginnings of incessant reading about cycling style and urban bikes.

That bike wasn’t fast, it wasn’t pretty – but it did what I wanted it to do. I remembered just how fun it was to ride around, and I was hooked.


Daylight savings time switched over this weekend, and it makes everything feel so late and gloomy and wintry. I’d like some more summer or real fall please! Leaving work when it’s completely dark is not very fun. 

This weekend I stayed home and avoided most people and the city of Boston. It was great! I’m rarely so productive on the weekends, but this weekend was an exception. I got a lot done, have snacks and some lunches for the week, and have clean sheets and a favorite outfit to wear to work tomorrow. I feel refreshed and prepared for the workweek, and not sad or frustrated that tomorrow is Monday. 

Typically my Sunday nights are a little sad; I’ve just gotten a lot better at doing fun things on the weekends, and it’s sad to have to say hello to a week of emotional turbulence at work. However, my outlook has changed and I’m attempting to focus on positive upcoming activities and events. Each weekend for the next month or so involves fun bike related thing, and I’d like to make the winter less gloomy and more bright. There are cooking experiments and craft projects to be done, research to begin and all kinds of adventures to be had. 

I think that’s why I started to write, and inadvertently picked November to do NaBloPoMo. We’ll see how it goes – but I think that this upcoming year is going to involve a lot more problem solving and confronting challenges, and much less feeling stuck. 

november 1, 2013

It’s the beginning of November, so I’m going to do some writing. I usually just talk about these ideas, and they sit, just as ideas – not as action. I guess I’ll try to write a little each day and see what happens. Another kind of experiment.